The "Two Koalas"

After meeting late in 2011, we quickly started dating and fell in love. He finally asked me to marry him on New Year's Eve entering 2014  and after a year long engagement, we finally had a pituresque country wedding in May of 2015. We are the proud parents of our FOUR fur babies, PAN, Milly, Molly and Maja. 

You are probably wondering where the name Two Koalas Photography came from? Or maybe it didn't even cross your mind, but I am going to tell you anyways. While trying to think up a unique business name (and one that was short enough to remember), Miran said to me, "Come on, let's take a break and koala." Whenever we find a spare moment, need to wind down, or just want to find comfort in one another, we koala. This is our pet-name for cuddling. And it was at that moment that it hit me, I wanted to call my photography business Two Koalas Photography. Dorky, I know, but as personal as it is to me, so is the love for my business. 

Megan Mehic, Photographer

I have been taking photos of any and everything ever since I can remember. Throughout my college career towards a degree in Criminal Justice, I never took the opportunity to explore the avenue of the arts.  I am a self-taught photo taker and beautiful image maker.

'Anyone can press a shutter button, but photography shouldn't just reflect a person's likeness, it should elicit emotion. Photography shouldn't just be a setting, it should open your eyes to a world you haven't seen or thought possible.' -author unknown

No matter where the road may take take me in the future, my camera will always be at my side! 

Photo Credit: M.Mehic

Miran Mehic, the back-up shooter

Miran has always had an eye for the beauty in everything he shoots. Although I claim to be the brains and talent of the operation, Miran is my right hand man in all things. Especially when it comes to being my second shooter. I can always count on him to help with my photo shoots if there is ever any need.